Spotting fake online dating profile and avoid becoming a victim

You probably heard of fake profiles or even encounter one while you scroll through different profiles on your phone or your computer when you logged in to your online dating profile. This is pretty annoying or even very frustrating for some to waste your time clicking on these profiles, at some point get intimate to these fake people who pretended to be someone.

Well, this is very common in both online dating sites and online dating applications which destroys the essence of finding your true love or finding someone that might fill the void in your heart.

You should join the fight to eliminate all of these deceitful profiles that tarnishes the true purpose of online dating by carefully reading these useful tips to avoid clicking the like button of a fake profile in your preferred online dating site and avoid becoming a victim of these scammers who wish nothing but ill to your chances of finding your true love.

1.      Always double check the facts- Make sure you make a practice of conducting a background check of the person that you just met online. If your newfound date has a social media account, you should start conducting a background check of their social media accounts based on the name and other information they provided you when both of you have talked to each other. This is one way to keep yourself from getting hurt and disappointed and also an effective way to see if the account is a fake unless you use christian dating sa.

2.      Be vigilant all the time- A lot of these fake profiles in online dating sites are suspiciously had few friends, few photos and doesn’t post activities regularly if you happen to encounter this kind of profile you should terminate your communication with this person because for sure they’re using an online dating site for other purposes except for good.

3.      Verify the profile- If your initial background checking doesn’t convince you of anything suspicious then you should utilize other means if you’re still uncertain about that person especially if that person have caught your attention and your interest because the last thing you want to feel is your heart getting broken.

4.      Avoid talking to them- You should block this kind of people that you have already added to your profile or liked their profile initially by changing your privacy settings so that they cannot gain more information from you or use your pictures for malicious purposes. If you do not feel to trust that person it is better not to initiate any conversation with them unless you have checked, verified, and determined that they are not using a fake profile.

5.      It is just too good to be true- Even you can create a fake profile if you want to prank someone you know, or you want someone to stalk, however, it is completely wrong unless you really have a malicious intent to people especially that online dating could affect someone emotionally that is why if you encounter someone who is surprisingly interested in you in an awkward way and wants you to divulge more of your personal information, you better follow the first four steps before you trust them and register only at dating sites in south africa.