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Benefits And Techniques Of Female Masturbation

For long-time masturbation or self-stimulation, mainly if we refer to female masturbation, was hidden, having a “secret status” within Western sexuality. It is proper into the twentieth century in which the various feminist movements gradually managed to expand the idea that the sexual pleasure of women could exist beyond marriage.

Benefits of self-stimulation or masturbation in women

According to numerous studies, masturbation has innumerable benefits for the physical and mental health of people. Here, we leave a list of some benefits:

Help with menstrual pains

Masturbation during menstruation has the effect of preventing and mitigating inflammation and reducing the overall discomfort of the period. The chemical substances that are involved in the cascade that occurs in the bloodstream act in an analgesic way against premenstrual pain. There is also a deflation of the genital area. So it causes the pressure that causes the pain to decrease and therefore, the discomfort.

Improves the couple’s relationships

A widespread myth suggests that masturbation ruins the sexual relationship with the couple. However, according to experts, it would be precisely the opposite. By masturbating, we learn to know our body, its reactions, what it likes, and what excites it. It makes intercourse much more pleasant.

Moreover, it is through more excellent knowledge of their anatomy, that self-stimulation helps women who have never had an orgasm to begin to be able to experience them. The wife can play with her husband’s private organ very well because she knows how to masturbate him.

Strengthens the immune system, prevents infections

In the case of women, masturbation can reduce the risk of suffering from urinary tract infections. Its stretching improves the circulation of fluids, which allows expelling the cervical fluids and with them the bacteria.

Generates a feeling of well-being

Masturbating is good for good overall health at both biological and psychological levels. Masturbation produces the release of complex chemicals, among which the most important is dopamine. The dopamine, in turn, is associated with a great sense of well-being.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

The contractions that are generated when masturbating generate a tensor effect similar to the Kegel exercises, so it helps to keep the pelvic floor muscles in shape.

It helps to sleep

We have already commented that masturbating causes the body to release endorphins, which are the hormones that generate a state of pleasure and relaxation in the body, which favors sleep.

Female masturbation techniques

There are several procedures that can be performed alone. It is very positive that women and men know their bodies without shame. It will significantly benefit your sex life.

The following techniques are designed for women sex life. These are some of the most popular.

1. Penetration with the fingers

Lying on the bed on your back, open your legs, and raise your knees. You can stimulate the clitoris to achieve the desired lubrication or use lubricant. Then, insert the middle and index fingers of the hand into the vagina. There are ways to masturbate video with fingers that can help you to perform.

While with this hand, the penetration of the penis is simulated, with the other one. It is possible to caress the clitoris once the fingers inside the vagina can be raised at a 90-degree angle to look for the G spot. It is located on the vaginal wall that locates behind the pubic hair, 1 or 2 centimeters from the entrance of the vagina. The stimulation of this point is pleasurable and will enhance the orgasm.

2. Soft caresses

You can stimulate yourself by sliding your fingers gently from top to bottom, from side to side and in circular movements around the vagina first, until you reach the center of it and finally the clitoris. While doing so, follow your instinct and listen to what your body “tells” you by experimenting with slower movements at the beginning and faster later, as well as with more or less pressure.

3. Patti cake

This position can be done in bed, sitting on a chair or a sofa. With the index and middle fingers gently, it caresses the clitoris, little by little, the excitement will increase.

4. Sandwich

Place the index and middle fingers of the hand on each side of the clitoris. Hold this position while using the other hand to give small blows to the clitoral hood, varying pressure and intensity to achieve more pleasure.

5. Face-down stimulation

Lie face down on the bed or another comfortable surface, join the legs and place your hand in the middle so you can caress the entire area thoroughly. Start by stimulating around the clitoris, continue through the clitoris, and then continue to explore the vagina, move your hips from top to bottom and from one side to the other. You yourself will feel which position is more pleasurable, and it is better to let yourself be carried away by the sensations of your body to reach orgasm.

6. The grip

This technique is done by pressing the clitoris with the index finger and thumb at the intensity that you feel comfortable with. Then do repetitive movements around it by moving from one side to the other or from top to bottom.

7. Shower

While you bathe, you should direct the shower jet (you have to find the right intensity) towards the clitoris.

8. Like a penis

It is a more sophisticated technique but very useful if done correctly. It is about stimulating the clitoris making movements as if it were a small penis. Gently grasp the clitoris with two fingers (usually the thumb and forefinger) and perform the same action as in male masturbation, you will see what pleasure!

9. Vibrator

When you already have some experience in self-stimulation techniques, you change your fingers for a vibrator. The introduction of a vibrator in the vagina helps to locate and stimulate the G-spot, generating a sensation of fullness. It can be performed exclusively or in combination with anal and/or clitoral stimulation. There are many types. The most complete stimulate clitoris and vagina at the same time.

10. Rolled towel

If you do not like direct stimulation of the clitoris, this technique may interest you; Sit in a chair with your legs spread and scrub with a clean towel previously rolled. Choose the speed and cadence.

If you still want to take off, it can be very stimulating to masturbate in front of a mirror and see the face you put on as you get excited. Do not be afraid to change the technique or position. Remember that it is a game, so you set the rules. Cross your legs so that the pleasure is more excellent in your clitoris.

If stimulating the clitoris for you is a feeling too intense, try to caress the around. The entire genital area is susceptible and can give you much pleasure.

11. Anal stimulation

The anus is a vulnerable area to the touch. Many women enjoy stimulation in this area during masturbation or in the previous game with their partner. It is convenient to use much lubricant.